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Immigration Services are key to your success in investing in the U.S.!

What We Do

Immigration Services

North Route assists individuals and their families in creating a plan of action to successfully immigrate to the United States.  We qualify potential immigrants by understanding their current situation and their objectives through a free preliminary consultation.  Then North Route schedules and escorts our clients to a week of introductions with qualified and vetted professionals critical to the immigration process.  We will meet with professionals in each field of competence such as:

  • Pre-Immigration Estate Planning Experts
  • Immigration lawyers
  • Certified Public Accountants
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Business Brokers
  • Franchise Experts
  • Insurance Brokers and more.

During this week of meetings our clients learn which immigration path best fits their profile.

North Route will follow-up on any matters its clients request including the post-immigration process.  If you are serious about reaching out to a new life in the US just contact us for an initial consultation, free of charge.

Investments Services

Purchasing a home or real estate in the United States is very easy. However, it can adversely affect the investor or buyer if certain legal and tax structures are not followed.  The same is true with regard to any type of investment be it the purchase of a business or franchise or investing directly in the financial markets.  We first take time to listen to our clients and understand their goals and objectives.  Then a week of introductory meetings is set up with key advisors in:

  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate 
  • Commercial and Retail Banking
  • Real Estate Financing
  • Business and Franchise Acquisitions
  • Wealth Management Planning and Investment
  • U.S. and Global Taxation 
  • Commercial and Residential Insurance

We have implemented a system to have all professionals ready to assist you invest safely and securely. We are ready to help you invest in the United States the moment you contact us.

Translation Services

North Route offers translation services at competitive rates with a quick turn-around time.  We keep your documents confidential and secured by doing the work in-house.  We specialize in translating the following documents between the languages of English, Portuguese and Spanish:

  • Immigration Documents 
  • General Texts for Website Content
  • Marketing Materials
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Advertisement
  • Technical Texts in Finance, Economics and Accounting
  • Corporate and Personal Financial Statements 
  • Business Plans 
  • Investment Brokerage Marketing Material
  • EB5 Visa Documentation and Projects
  • Mutual Funds Structuring
  • Private Placements and more.

We pride ourselves in providing quality and reliable translating services.  We are truly competitive in this area so if you are in need of an accurate and time-sensitive translation, contact us.

About Us

How Do We Do It?

The United States government, in the post 9/11 environment, requires investors and immigrants to adhere to specific, detailed procedures.  Awareness of these procedures and a firm plan are central to avoiding pitfalls, frustration and loss of time and money.

For the serious entrepreneur or investor there are only a few windows of opportunity to relocate and invest in the United States in a planned and structured manner.  North Route makes the process easier and assuredly by connecting our clients with reliable professionals who will guide them in the optimal way to successful immigration and/or investment in the United States.

North Route Is Your Guide!

North Route ensures a thorough plan is created by competent advisors who can provide a careful and secure route to success.  The premise is simple – bring potential investors and immigrating entrepreneurs together with U.S. based professionals whose ethics and professional integrity are uncompromised.  A time-tested method for reaching success in all things, especially in business.  

Secure Route to Success!

Whether your dream is a new home, a successful business, or a profitable investment, please allow us the opportunity to be your guide in a new environment full of opportunity. Click here to learn about our services.

Who We Are

Who is behind North Route?

North Route LLC is owned and operated by Regina Valente Little, a first generation immigrant who has been living in the USA for 37 years. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree of Science from the Stern School of Business at New York University in 1987, and has been living in South Florida for 20 years. 

Regina’s extensive professional experience spans over 30 years in the banking and financial industries. This experience offers a knowledge base vital to the success of anyone conducting financial transactions in the United States.

North Route is here to make it come true!

The company has also developed key partnerships with professionals in several fields, including:

  • Immigration 
  • US taxation 
  • Investments, including but not limited to: 
  • Real estate 
  • Business brokerage
  • Franchise acquisition
  • Stock Markets 
  • Banking
  • Financing 
  • Insurance 


Regina’s appreciation of the American experience as a first generation immigrant is comprehensive, providing an invaluable asset to those considering the United States as their new home, the headquarters for their business, or as a place of investment.


To assist immigrants, investors and visitors to the United States of America to reach their objectives in a secure, transparent and efficient manner.


At North Route, knowing our partners and, more importantly, knowing our client is always the highest priority. We strive to communicate and comprehend our clients’ needs, to charter them a direct line to their goals with the support of dedicated experts in a manner that is serious, intelligent, and wholly dedicated to their continued success.

Current State of Immigration in the US

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